Newsletter january 2019

  • Newsletter january 2019

    Newsletter January 2020
    January 9th 2019
    Dear friends,
    I just heard the other day of a church family in Australia who were trapped in a fire area, where they cannot get out nor get help to come in because of the fires. They hoped they would be able to save their home because there were no trees close to their house. And they had mowed their lawn, so it would not easily be ignited by the fire. As of the other day 25 people have died in the fires and hundreds of homes have been destroyed. And this difficult situation is apparently going to continue for another month or so. I ask for your prayers for the people of Australia and who are fighting the fires. And pray especially for our church members at this difficult time.
    When we see the many things happening in the world these days it is a blessing to know that God has a plan. We are a part of that plan. Are we doing our part? In this week’s Skype bible study we were discussing the first letter to Timothy chapter 2. Verse four is one of my favourite verses, saying that God wants all mankind to come in the knowledge of the truth and be saved. This shows that God must have a plan, since there are millions of people throughout history that have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. But there is another message in these four verses, and that is our responsibility as the spiritual body of Jesus Christ to pray for others, all people. We can show God’s love, not our love, by praying for those in need, our family members, our friends, our neighbours and our enemies. People should experience the love of God through us, because we are His children and have His spirit. This is how they can experience His love. Do they?
    We are planning our spring festival in Årjang, Sweden from April 6th to 12th. More information about the site and program will be sent next week after the details are finalized. During that week there will be time for rest, fellowship, walks in the woods, daily bible studies or church services and discussion groups and other activities.
    I am in the final stage of negotiations with Dronningens ferieby in Grenaa, Denmark about our autumn festival this year. The autumn festival will be there from October 3d to October 10th, with the possibility of coming one day earlier and staying one day more. Dronningens ferieby is the nicest and most modern festival site we have ever been able to use, including a very nice and large meeting hall. All of the accommodations are modern two bedroom house of 75 sq.m. We have reserved 38 houses, almost the whole site. The six remaining houses are specially designed for users of wheelchairs, and I do not want to take that away from those who might need it. I hope within a week I will be able to send information and bookings forms for the autumn festival in Denmark. We have not decided the theme for the autumn festival, but will be doing so within the next couple of weeks. If you have a suggestion for the theme, please send me an e mail as soon as possible.
    This weekend I will be in Stockholm for a meeting there and visiting members.

    Warm regards to all from
    Carl Fredrik